The Mystery of Castle Tervoort ( ENGLISH EPISODE )

Published on 28. Mai 2022 by

Friends of the Paranormal Lostplaces and Urbex. Today we visit a sister castle of castle Wolfskuhlen. One of the Castle in the negative pentagram on Wolfskuhlen. There are some mysterious Storys about Tervoort and the near Woods. People who tell about attacks in the woods and strange experience. We already visited Tervoort a year ago and record a „shadow man“ that makes this place even more scary and mysterious.

People claim there is a woman in white with her dog in the woods near the building.

Owner of the Tervoort Castle is an contessa that lives now in Monaco, the building get damaged in ww2 by fightings and later burned down to the grounds. Another Story is that a motorbike club rent part of the land and make satanic rirutal.

We are sure there is more between the worlds and we wanted to find out.

This Episode is for English speaking people, i hope my english is not to bad for you to listen 🙂

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